Sustainable Aviation Lab

TU Delft Sustainable Aviation Lab (SA Lab) aims to further understand and mitigate aviation’s environmental impact by harnessing different data sources with a hybrid of data-driven machine learning and model-based scientific approaches. Specifically, based on its scientific research, SA Lab aspires to:

  • Develop data-driven environmental assessment tools that keep aviation sustainability goals in check.

  • Create novel approaches to minimize the environmental impact of ATM and future U-Space operations .

  • Bring together an innovative mix of space-based and ground-based research expertise.

  • Forge an open data hub for aviation and remote sensing data with complementary AI tools .


Nov 18, 2021 We present our paper in estimation aviation climate cost in Europe at OpenSky Symposium 2021.
Jun 1, 2021 The SA Lab welcomes our new PhD student Esther Roosenbrand onboard.
Apr 1, 2021 The SA Lab welcomes our new PhD student Irina Besnea onboard.
Jan 1, 2021 The Sustainable Aviation Lab launched! :rocket::airplane: